Green City with rising Sun wit dollar sign inside.


The dilemma

Environmental pollution, climate change and resource scarcity are among the most pressing social problems.


The solution is to use renewable resources

Cooperation with agriculture and research into sustainable raw materials.

Comparison of the old oil based world in black on the left and the green and livable world with bio PBS on the right

Conventional fossil fuel-based plastic leaves a long-lasting environmental footprint.

Polybutylensuccinat / PBS:

PBS is a versatile, biodegradable plastic. Our solution is to produce it from renewable resources that do not compete with the food industry.

“RubiCo” Compact Production System

RUBIO compact system for bio PBS

Fully-integrated 10 ktpa PBS Production Units

  • Molasses as the primary raw material

  • Novel process technology that incorporates all elements required to achieve fully-bio-based PBS

  • Plug-and-play solution that is cost-efficient and readily deployed

  • Highly-specialised and experienced delivery team from technology development to equipment manufacturing, engineering and material development


The result of sustainable investment

Ivestment - change the world. Dark clouded city in the past changes to a green world.

Superior project returns in one of the highest-growth markets whilst pioneering the transition to a sustainable economy:

  • Low product sales risk through marketing by one of the world’s leading PBS compounders with novel proprietary grades

  • German supply chain: from project execution to product off-take

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